I’m Pixellated, aka Dave, Darth (I share a ‘famous’ west-country actor’s first and surnames), Toman, Ln, Ell-en, SupercoolLn and various other handles on various other sites/games/blah. I’m fast approaching 30 (oh noes!), and live in Gloucester with my wife Kate, 11-month-old daughter Zoey, and two ginger cats named Vimes and Havelock after Terry Pratchett characters. I spend my time working as a Network Engineer for a pretty well-known antivirus company, and for my sins they often send me all over the world to fix stuff (although this isn’t as glamourous as it sounds – one datacentre looks remarkably like another, and the only tan I normally get is thanks to UV lighting). I read a lot of fantasy, watch a lot of trashy television, and enjoy the odd game of poker, bourbon, and wearing trilbies (mostly at the same time).

I blog about video games, music, food, general geekery and occasionally rugby.

I like turtles.